Elven looking female, rogue


Laserie Gildrie, better known as Rie is currently 26. Raised with Elves in the elven city Belimar, she has never known much of her own kind. She knows that she is different and that when she is incredibly scared or hurt her illusion will sometimes slip. Growing up she caused all sorts of mayhem and trouble, with it usually being blamed on someone else (as she was generally disguised as them). The village that she came from does not know her secret as her “parents” stressed how important that she never show her true self to others and that always changing appearances would scare people. After running away at a young age she joined The Lions of Ningione, a rather well known gang of thieves, it was from them that she truly learned to use her differences to her advantage instead of hiding it always. After all the years of having to hide her true self she learned that she has quiet a vicious side and enjoys the thrill of the hunt, whether it be an object or person. She stayed with the Lions for a while until it became apparent to her that they were only using her for her shape shifting and natural knack to find objects. Now, several years later she has heard of an item of immense power that she must have. As a adept treasure hunter, she finds herself needing the item so that others may not have it.

Raised of Palor, since joining the Lions she has turned to Belven, as he has helped her embrace her desires and talents.



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