Miah Kanatash

Kalashtar Cleric of The Raven Queen


Miah Verily Kanatash was born to Verily and Samast Kanatash, the funeral priests in a small village. Miah has wanted to take over the family business since she was small… her first word was “coffin.”

When she was 18, her parents sent her to the big city to apprentice herself to a large funeral temple. The plan was for her to learn as much as she could, and then return home and apply her new knowledge. She got a little too interested… after some time, she found someone who encouraged her interest in the darker arts. His name was Scarlender.

Scarlender taught her Abyssal, some potion brewing and a dark spell or two. After three years of study under him, Miah’s bosses (clerics of the Raven Queen) ran him out of town for dabbling in necromancy. Miah kept her mouth shut and was never suspected. She doesn’t know why the Raven Queen didn’t implicate her as well, but decided to repay the goddess with increased devotion.

This was nearly a year ago. Miah is 22, and her years of apprenticeship are over. She celebrated her last day with her masters, and today she packed up her few belongings and said good-bye to her other friends in the city. Tonight she plans to stay at the inn, and then head back to her parents.

She is a human, short, shy-looking and bookish. She is a little more extroverted than you would think.

Miah Kanatash

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