Lord of the Second


Initiative 20 Senses Perception +21; Darkvision
HP 1295; Bloodied 647
AC 45; Fortitude 41, Reflex 43, Will 42
Resist 30 fire
Saving Throws +5
Speed 6, teleport 10
Action Points 2
Smiting Rod (standard; requires rod of dispater, at-will) Weapon
+34 vs AC; 2d8
10 damage (crit 8d8+10), and the target is pushed 2 squares and dazed (save ends).
Blasphemous Reply (immediate reaction, when hit by a melee attack, at-will) Thunder
Targets the attacker; 32 vs Will; 3d810 thunder damage, and the target is pushed 1 square.
Scathing Rod (standard; requires rod of dispater, at-will) Acid, Implement
ranged 20; 32 vs Reflex; 2d810 acid damage, and the target takes a -2 penalty to attacks rolls until the end of Dispater’s next turn.
Inveigle (standard, recharge ) Charm, Psychic
Ranged 20; 32 vs Will; 2d810 psychic damage, and the target slides 3 squares and is dominated (save ends). Aftereffect: The target is dazed until the end of its next turn.
Gates of Dis (minor, at-will) Conjuration, Fire
Area wall 10 within 20 squares. Dispater conjures a lattice of scalding iron that lasts until the start of his next turn. The wall blocks movement and line of effect, but it does not block line of sight. Creatures that end their turn adjacent to the wall take 10 fire damage. Creatures pulled, pushed, or slid adjacent to the wall take 20 fire damage. The wall is 4 squares high and cannot be destroyed.
Diabolic Awe (free 1/round, when an enemy within 10 squares becomes bloodied or takes a critical hit; at-will) Fear, Healing
The enemy is pushed 3 squares away from Dispater and is dazed until the end of Dispater’s next turn. Creatures with the devil keyword within 10 squares of Dispater regain 20 hit points.
Alignment Evil Languages Supernal
Skills Arcana 29, Bluff +28, History +29, Insight +26, Religion +29
Str 22 (
20) Dex 23 (20) Wis 24 (21)
Con 27 (22) Int 30 (24) Cha 29 (+23)
Equipment: scarlet robe, rod of dispater +6 .


Like the other Lords of the Nine, Dispater is an elite devil whose powers are waxing, and even pit fiends fall before his onslaught. He usually appears as a humanoid of supernatural height, dark hair, tiny horns, and resplendent garb. He always holds his badge of office, a rod of singular power. Dispater never takes risks and rarely leaves his Iron Tower. In the politics of the Nine Hells, Dispater and Mephistopheles, Lord of the Eighth, are allies, usually scheming against Baalzebul, Lord of the Seventh.


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