The Foundry Knights

The Adventure Begins

In the center of our world of Calruon, there lies the peaceful scenic town of Artamessa. This peaceful town equally holds the fates of those who live in its borders and those who just pass through to their destination. z we have come into the bar ‘The Brazen Hare’ to get a bite to eat. Villagers that have been wandering the town are in here getting food and drink all the same. Before we can order anything we here a bang of metal and a shouting from the dwarven owner, panfire, to the crowd to help him with a rat problem. Calliah Lampeio, Brother Effrim Fromb, Barlok Goldforge, Miah Kanatash, Thalai, Rasaad, and Izzussan gather our things to help the dwarf with his problem. We open the door to the problem area. Hearing a loud chittering coming from below in the cellar, the barmaid saying, “have at it. Maybe you seven will have better luck than the last group we sent down. We haven’t seen anyone that has gone down there in weeks.”
Once down in the cellar we see torches along the wall in fixed positions. Rats both large and small surround us down in the cellar. After a quick battle with the rats, Barlock skins the rats gaining 16 rat pelts for the party. After the battle we notice a movable floor panel in the back of the cellar. Rasaad moves the floor panel and the group decides to move as a group into what looks like a pipe leading into a sewer to find the source of the rats and hopefully the missing patrons from the bar. The pipe opens into a large area with another large rat and two goblin thugs in the back area. We engage into battle with the seen monsters. After the monsters are vanquished, Barlock skins the dead rat for another 2 pelts and we stripped the goblins for 4 daggers, 2 leather armors, and 2 shortswords.
After the fight Barlock noticed an odd space with a lever sticking out of a wall. A wall opens up revealing five humans on either side of the sewer area. These are the missing patrons that were sent before our party. Barlock has noticed that there is a movable wall on the far side of the room. Behind this wall is a chest that is not cursed or trapped. The chest holds a lvl. 2 magical item – bracers of mighty striking.
We pull the lever again to open the door on the opposite side of the room from where we entered to open a door leading into an even bigger area of the sewer revealing a large waterway. The party is standing on a platform with a ladder leading down to a small lip leading to small aqueducts over the waterway. Below each of the aqueducts is a monster guarding diligently. Two archers and two more goblin thugs await us in this new waterway.

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